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A Unique Integrated System that Connects healthcare service providers with beneficiaries.



Medical Centers/doctors




I'm so pleased to share a brief about our company with you.

Our ultimate goal is to contribute strongly and effectively to creating a comprehensive, practical, and smart system that serves the health of individuals and society to match the 2030 Vision of Saudi Arabia.

Based on this goal, we started ongoing studies for many years, which resulted in creative ideas to develop the health and beauty sector as an essential element of the remarkable growth and progress that our kingdom is witnessing particularly, and our region generally.

We believe that serving our society is a priority, so we keep developing solutions for the health and beauty industry to meet the requirements of everyone, including the service providers and beneficiaries, and to fulfill our social responsibility.

We set all these goals in mind and gained our passion from our leaders to develop solutions to take an extraordinary leap in health and beauty services.

In Treatab, we all believe that there is no substitute for creativity, research, accuracy, and quality to help everybody enjoy high-quality health and beauty services that meet international standards.

Best regards

Eng. Ahmed Al_Qurashi.

Our specialty is providing various health and beauty services with international standards, through using smart solutions to save time and efforts for our valued customers and to ensure that they receive high quality services

Our journey started with market research to identify all problems, challenges, weaknesses, and opportunities to create smart integration between health and beauty service providers and beneficiaries that meets all objectives.

Based on research results and future forecasting, we have developed intelligent solutions that achieve our client's goals, meet market requirements and future challenges, and help everyone enjoy their health and beauty.

So we released "TRETATB"

Which is an online platform that links medical service providers with each other, as well as the beneficiaries, to achieve the integration between these five pillars

? Suppliers

? Pharmacies / Stores

? Medical Centers

? Influencers


To be the Arab world leader in providing health and beauty services through integrated solutions that inspire healthier and happier communities.

 • Creating an innovative medical community that serves all seekers of health and beauty products and services in the best quality and most accessible way.

• Saving time and efforts of health and beauty service providers and beneficiaries.

• Empowering the social responsibility of doctors and health professionals by providing smart technology tools that make it easier for them to help everybody with health and beauty advice.

• Offering a unique shopping experience, covering all the needs for health and beauty products.

• Supporting small, medium, and large companies to provide effective and efficient health and beauty services.

• Providing innovative and customized solutions for pharmacies and stores, enabling them to provide the most extensive range of local and international products that meet all customer needs.

• Fulfilling our social responsibility by helping everyone to seek medical advice from a variety of medical professionals with one click.

Our philosophy in TREATAB relies on creating solutions for the health and beauty industry problems through our deep understanding of the trends and variables affecting the present and future of the industry.

So we identified the problems and developed ideal solutions, then turned them into the innovative and easy-to-use platform Treatab.

Therefore, we invest in researching and exploring new opportunities to make remarkable development in the health and beauty industry.

As a result, we created an optimal integration between healthcare parties, starting from the supplier to the end-user while adhering to the highest quality standards in all details.

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