X-Lice Anti Lice & Nits Lotion 100 ML

X-Lice Lotion eliminates head lice, eggs and nits in just 45 minutes easily, safely and gently from the scalp, in just one time without the need for repeated use. X-Lice gets rid of lice, eggs and nits with an active substance called "biococidin compound", that works to block the insect's airway, which leads to suffocation to be disposed of easily. X-Lice Lotion is suitable for all family members, as it is an effective product in eliminating lice quickly and very effectively for the infected person, and protecting the rest of the family since lice are highly contagious.

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  • Brand X Lice
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Product X-Lice Anti Lice & Nits Lotion 100 ML
Brand Name X Lice
Item Model Number 2863

X-Lice Lotion is considered one of the best ways to get rid of lice and nits very safely and effectively.

Product Features

Doctors recommend it as the best medicine to treat lice and hair insects It does not contain any chemicals or insecticides, and as a result, lice are completely unable to resist it One of the best treatments to eliminate lice and nits for adults and young children from 3 years old Its texture is a gentle lotion on the hair Lightweight travel bag companion It is very safe on the scalp because it is completely free of parabens and alcohol Safe for pregnant and lactating women It consists of the safe and effective biococidin compound in killing lice and their nests by suffocating them and preventing air from reaching them. Product volume is 110 ml and the price is reasonable It is used once, and you do not need to use it again.


It gets rid of head lice, their eggs and nits within 45 minutes from the first use through the biococidin compound, which blocks the insect’s airway until it suffocates. Contributes to the improvement and regeneration of damaged hair Protects against the appearance of lice, nits and hair insects if used regularly Moisturizes and smoothens hair for a silky smooth finish Does not hurt the scalp The lotion is gentle on the hair, and does not cause irritation or itching on the scalp

How to use

How to use:_ Before use make sure:_ Use it in a well-ventilated area (next to a window). Hands must be covered if used with children. During use, follow these instructions:_ Open the container by pressing the lid Wash your hair well with water and shampoo, then use a towel to dry your hair well Apply an appropriate amount to your scalp near the hair roots, especially the neck area and behind the ears Continue to distribute the product on the hair and all parts of the scalp Massage the product and leave it for 45 minutes on the scalp or as directed by the doctor Comb your hair with a fine-toothed comb to remove lice and dead insects Wash hair after removing lice with shampoo Finally, rinse the scalp with water How does lice infection occur? Lice are transmitted through different ways of infection, the most important of which are: _ Direct contact with the hair of someone infected with lice. Using personal tools of the person who has been infected with l

weight 100
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