Garnier SkinActive Vitamin C Shot Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask for Energizing & Brightenin, 33g

Equivalent to a week of moisturizing serum* Discover the first mask mixed with a refreshing mixture from Garnier A hydrating dose of vitamin C (1) that keeps it fresh until the mask is activated and a separate dry mask made of algae. Mix them up when you need them! The refreshing and effective mask is instantly activated as it absorbs the formula that delivers the most intense care on contact with the skin (2) Formulated with a plant-based active ingredient that is three times more moisturizing (3). When you mix the two layers of the mask, it becomes gelatinous in texture when applied to the face perfectly, giving it maximum freshness.

19.94 SAR

Included Vat

Brand Name : Garnier
STORE : Lolo Pharma Pharmacy
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