Benostan Procto Spray 100 ml

Rapid relief of symptoms of localized hemorrhoids. Procto contains pure plant extracts such as olive oil, calendula, in an effective combination with for inflammatory and healing action. It does not depend on chemicals and does not contain a local anesthetic, so it can be used safely during pregnancy.

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Brand Name : Benostan
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  • Brand Benostan
  • Barcodes 5206172230039
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Product Benostan Procto Spray 100 ml
Brand Name Benostan
Item Model Number 3103

Uses of Benostan Procto Spray 100 ml:


  1. It is used to soothe the anal area from hemorrhoid pain.
  2. It is used to reduce itching, bleeding, and swelling that occurs in the anus as a result of hemorrhoid infection.
  3. It is used to protect the anal area from infection and bacteria.
  4. Accelerates the healing process of hemorrhoids.

Product Features

It has a safe, chemical-free formula that contains pure plant extracts.


Benefits of Benostan Procto Spray 100 ml:


  1. Benostan Procto Spray is a spray for sensitive areas, it is a topical product to soothe and calm the pain that occurs in the anal area due to hemorrhoids.
  2. It relieves pain and itching in the anal area.
  3. Contains soothing natural materials for external hemorrhoid pain.
  4. Its formula contains olive oil and sage extract.
  5. Completely safe and can be used by pregnant women.
  6. It helps moisturize and soothe the anal area and reduces swelling, itching and bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. It also protects against inflammation and infection and speeds up the healing process.
  7. It moisturizes, soothes, and relieves hemorrhoid symptoms. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and healing properties.
How to use

How to use Benostan Procto Spray 100 ml:


Benostan Procto Spray is used on the anus area after cleaning and drying it. Spray on this area until it is completely damp. It can be used two or three times a day safely, in the morning and night.

weight 100



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