Beesline Whitening Roll-on Hair Delaying Deo

A safe and innovative roll-on formula that guarantees 48 hours of protection against perspiration. It combats unpleasant odors, absorbs sweat and soothes the skin. It also works to lighten the dark skin under the armpits and delays the appearance of hair. For lighter and more refreshed skin under the arms.

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Brand Name : Besline
STORE : Lolo Pharma Pharmacy
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  • Brand Besline
  • Barcodes 5281018003251
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  • Weight 50
Product Beesline Whitening Roll-on Hair Delaying Deo
Brand Name Besline
Item Model Number 2924

Beesline is a natural beauty laboratory based on the principle of apitherapy (bee treatment) and its rich resources: such as honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, as well as fresh plant extracts, to take care of your skin in a safe and effective way.

Product Features

water. Alum stone. Glyceryl Stearate. Cetylalcohol. Lumiskin. Tfluz. lactic acid. Wheat germ oil. lactic acid salt. Citiearth-12. Citiearth-20. Ginger. Aloe Vera. soya. Ester-40 hydrogenated castor oil. Parsley leaf. olive leaf Bee gum. Perfume. Sodium Benzoate. Potassium sorbate.


Bright and smooth skin Delay in the appearance of unwanted hair

How to use

Follow these steps to get the best results: 1. It works daily. 2. Apply a thin layer on clean, dry skin. 3. Leave to dry before getting dressed. 4. Reapply after exercise or bathing.

weight 50
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Lolo Pharma Pharmacy

Lolo Pharma Pharmacy

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