Labo International Crescina Hfsc 200 Man Hair Regrowth

"CRESCINA® HFSC was designed to help strengthen and revitalize hair and scalp and protect and maintain them in good health. During the course use of CRESCINA® HFSC, new hair is noticed in the thinned areas. The formula of CRESCINA® HFSC benefits from Labo Transdermic Technology (Swiss Patent CH 711 466) which allows the active ingredients to be absorbed by both hair and scalp, and to the Booster Complex which revitalizes the whole scalp. CRESCINA® HFSC is consisted of a unique formula that enhances the normal hair regrowth by revitalizing the inactive hair follicle. CRESCINA® HFSC comes in three grades, each one is suitable to the corresponding thinning hair status, grade 200 for the initial grades of thinning hair, grade 500 for medium grades of thinning hair and 1300 for advanced thinning hair. Safe on hair scalp and easy to use."

609.5 SAR 518.08 SAR

Included Vat

Brand Name : Labo International
STORE : Treatab