MOODmatcher Twist Stick - Black

Mood Matcher Twist Stick is a unique and elegant lipstick with a pointed tip for more precise and defined application on your lips. It transforms from black to a custom color that matches your skin tone. It contains natural and nourishing ingredients that give your lips a silky texture and shine. Experience the magic and fun of Mood Matcher Twist Stick every time you use it.

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Brand Name : MOODmatcher
STORE : Lolo Pharma Pharmacy

  • Brand MOODmatcher
  • Barcodes 88634016109
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 10
Product MOODmatcher Twist Stick - Black
Brand Name MOODmatcher
Item Model Number 6424

To create a customized and unique lip color ـ To enjoy a long-lasting lip color ـ To moisturize and nourish your lips..

Product Features

Contains vitamin E and shea butter ـ Does not fade or transfer to anything ـ It has a tapered tip that provides a more precise and defined application for your lips.


Enhances your natural beauty with a lip color that reflects your personality and mood ـ Saves you time and money by giving you a lip color that lasts for 12 hours without fading or smudging ـ Stays put whether you eat or drink.

How to use

Clean and dry your lips thoroughly ـ Apply the lipstick to your lips in circular motions ـ Wait for a minute until the color changes.

weight 10
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Lolo Pharma Pharmacy

Lolo Pharma Pharmacy

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