Blanx Black Mouth Wash 500ml

Do you want to have a brighter smile? BlanX Black Mouthwash 500ml, for removing stains and impurities from your teeth, contains activated charcoal with strong absorbent properties that bind to stains and toxins in your mouth, whitening your teeth and freshening your breath.

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  • Brand Blanx
  • Barcodes 8017331073490
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  • Weight 500
Product Blanx Black Mouth Wash 500ml
Brand Name Blanx
Item Model Number 6379
uses to whiten your teeth, to prevent plaque and cavities, by eliminating the bacteria that cause them, and to keep your gums healthy and moist, as it contains natural ingredients that hydrate and protect your gums.
Product Features It contains 100% natural activated charcoal ـ It is alcohol-free and safe and gentle on the enamel and gums ـ It has strong absorbent properties that stick to stains and toxins in your mouth.
benefits It whitens your teeth and removes stains and impurities caused by food or drinks ، It freshens your breath and eliminates plaque and bacteria ، It protects and remineralizes the enamel and gums ، It enhances your smile and boosts your self-confidence ، It is easy and convenient to use.
How to use Use this teeth whitening mouthwash twice a day for best and most effective results ، Shake it well before each use and make sure the ingredients have blended to get the desired results ، You need to use the mouthwash for 60 seconds ، You can use the cap of the mouthwash bottle to measure the necessary amount of mouthwash each time ، Make sure not to swallow this formula as it may be harmful.
weight 500
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