Biorepair Plus Sensitive Tooth Paste 75ml

Don’t let sensitivity stop you from enjoying the foods you love and use BIOREPAIR PLUS SENSITIVE TOOTH PASTE 75ML, the toothpaste that closes the pores of your teeth and protects them from pain and damage

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  • Brand Biorepair
  • Barcodes 8017331078860
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  • Weight 75
Product Biorepair Plus Sensitive Tooth Paste 75ml
Brand Name Biorepair
Item Model Number 6393
uses It is used to relieve tooth sensitivity ـ It is used to repair enamel damage ـ It is used to maintain gum health and prevent inflammation ـ It is safely used by children under six years old.
Product Features It contains microRepair®, a patented biomimetic technology that mimics the natural composition of the enamel and dentin ـ It also contains zinc PCA ـ It has a mild mint flavor.
benefits It closes the pores of the teeth and prevents the transfer of thermal stimuli to the nerve ـ It prevents erosion, decay and stains on the teeth ـ It kills the bacteria that cause bad odor ـ It gives a refreshing and pleasant feeling in the mouth.
How to use Brush your teeth twice a day up to a maximum of three times ـ Close the tube after each use to protect it from moisture.
weight 75
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