Mavala Mava-White, 10 ml

Mavala Maffeoate 10ml Various external factors (color pigments, nicotine, ...) can stain your nails or make them look dull. Then their side is especially ugly.MAVA-WHITE's special formula hides the unsightly appearance of stained and dull nails, while giving them a natural look.

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  • Brand Mavala
  • Barcodes 7618900705098
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  • Weight 10
Product Mavala Mava-White, 10 ml
Brand Name Mavala
Item Model Number 3640
uses It is an optical color complement to nails thanks to a specific optical azure substance that reacts with UV light.
Product Features Used as a base under nail polish, it restores its true color: no more color turning beige, yellow or dull red! Apply to non-yellowing and non-stained nails
benefits Very shiny top coat. Forms a flexible layer to protect nails. Prevents nail polish from cracking. It gives nail polish longer stay on nails. Brilliant and long lasting shine.
How to use After the final layer of nail polish has dried, apply Color Fix to the entire nail, including the bottom of the nail tip, and allow it to dry completely. A second coat of Color Fix, a few days later, will lighten your manicure and make it last longer.
weight 10
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