Mavala Mascara Waterproof Black for Women - 0.32 oz

Eyelashes have a function of protecting the eyes and mucous membranes, but they are mostly an aesthetic attraction and an essential asset for one's expression! WATERPROOF MASCARA's formula contains nourishing and fortifying hydro-protective silk proteins that help eyelashes stay in longer while fortifying them.This mascara is waterproof and long-wearing.

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  • Brand Mavala
  • Barcodes 7618900946019
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 10
Product Mavala Mascara Waterproof Black for Women - 0.32 oz
Brand Name Mavala
Item Model Number 3652
uses The professional, curved and thick brush allows perfect makeup for every eyelash, even the smallest, from root to tip, all while separating them completely.
Product Features This waterproof mascara formula contains nourishing and protective silk proteins that help nourish and prevent eyelashes from falling out.
benefits The function of eyelashes is to protect the eye and its viscous membrane. They are often used to highlight the beauty of the face and are an essential element in showing facial expressions.
How to use Start applying mascara from the roots to the tips, so that the curved side of the mascara brush is opposite to the direction of the curve of the eyelashes. This method helps in distributing the mascara on all eyelashes, without touching the skin. To get longer eyelashes, let the first coat of mascara dry, before applying the second coat.
weight 10
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