Beesline Ultrascreen Cream Invisible Sunfilter SPF50

Protects the skin from the sun's UV rays and the signs of aging. Prepared to suit sensitive skin, such as the face, neck and upper chest. Its formula is non-greasy and does not leave a white trace on the skin, which makes it ideal for use before applying makeup.

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  • Brand Besline
  • Barcodes 5281018006047
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  • Weight 70
Product Beesline Ultrascreen Cream Invisible Sunfilter SPF50
Brand Name Besline
Item Model Number 2993

Beesline is a natural beauty laboratory based on the principle of apitherapy (bee treatment) and its rich resources: such as honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, as well as fresh plant extracts, to take care of your skin in a safe and effective way.

Product Features

water. Octocrylene. Ethyloxyl Methoxycinnamate. Steel Alcohol. Vegetable glycerine. Sweet almond oil. VB/ Hexadecane Copolymer. Glyceryl Stearate. Titanium Dioxide. beeswax; Sesame oil. Stearyth-20. Henna extract. Vitamin E. Xanthan gum. Wheat germ oil. Jojoba oil. lactic acid. Perfume. EDTI.


Comprehensive sun protection A, B and Infrared transparent coverage

How to use

Follow these steps to get the best results: 1. Apply to the face and body 15 minutes before exposure to the sun. 2. Reapply regularly every two hours, especially after swimming, sweating and drying. 3. after shower. Use Beesline Cooling Lotion or Repairing Milk after exposure to the sun. 4. Can be worn under makeup and over your daily moisturizer.

weight 70



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