Phyto Hair Color in Venetian Blonde 8CD

Enjoy a stunning Venetian blonde hair, with Vito Hair Color in Venetian Blonde. This hair color uses an innovative technology that protects your hair from damage and gives it a rich and shiny color. It contains plant-based ingredients and natural oils that nourish your hair and maintain its moisture and health. It is also free of ammonia, parabens, silicones and sulfates, making it suitable for all hair types.

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  • Brand Phyto
  • Barcodes 618059109836
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 8

الاسئله الشائعة للمنتج

  • ما هي احسن أنواع صبغات الشعر؟
    تُعتبر فيتو صبغة شعر لون أشقر فينيسي رقم 8 سي دي واحدة من أفضل أنواع صبغات الشعر في الأسواق، لأنها توفر التغطية اللازمة للون الشعر بدون أن تُسبب آثار جانبية لفروة الرأس أو تُجهد الشعر.
  • ما هي الصبغة التي لا تضر الشعر؟
    فيتو صبغة شعر لون أشقر فينيسي رقم 8 سي دي تُعتبر من الصبغات التي لا تضر الشعر لأنها تحتوي على مواد طبيعية مفيدة للشعر.
Product Phyto Hair Color in Venetian Blonde 8CD
Brand Name Phyto
Item Model Number 6766

Uses of Phyto hair dye Venetian Blonde No. 8 CD:

  • Phyto hair dye Venetian Blonde No. 8 CD is used to transform hair into a bright blonde color in the fastest time.
  • Used to completely cover gray hair.
  • It is used to nourish hair because it contains natural ingredients.
  • To change your hair color and enhance its beauty and health.
Product Features

This product consists of plant-based ingredients, natural oils, conditioner, cream and mask.


Benefits of Phyto Hair Color in Venetian Blonde 8CD:

  • Phyto Color is the best hair dye you can use because it provides real nourishment to the hair in addition to a golden blonde color.
  • Phytocolor dye completely covers the hair in golden blonde and makes it look sparkling and gorgeous.
  • Its special formula contains natural ingredients that nourish the hair.
  • Ideal for hair that shows signs of graying and aging.
  • It lasts for a long time, up to 8 weeks, during which all hair is dyed golden blonde.
  • Its effect is fast, making you enjoy a new hair color in a very short time.
  • Safe to use and free of ammonia replaced by ethanolamine which prepares hair for coloring.
  • Gives your hair a stunning Venetian blonde color , protects your hair from damage, gives it a rich and shiny color, nourishes it and maintains its moisture and health.
How to use

How to use Phyto Hair Color in Venetian Blonde 8CD:

  • Read the leaflet that comes with the tincture first.
  • Mix the dye with the ingredients included with it.
  • Start by applying the dye to the hair and distributing it well evenly until the degree of dye is the same throughout the hair.
  • Leave the dye on the hair for 30 minutes.
  • Wash hair with water and shampoo suitable for dyed hair.


Usage warnings:


  • Test skin sensitivity to the dye and do not use it if you suffer from an allergy to one of the substances in it.
  • Avoid applying the dye to the scalp and just distribute it over the hair.
  • It is preferable not to use dye on black hair because it does not achieve the desired results.
weight 8



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