Louis Widmer AHA 10% Fruity Acids Regenerating Cream 50 ml

The secret that you are looking for to get a radiant and renewed skin is Louis Widmer Fruit Acids Cream 10%, this magical cream contains the power of nature in one bottle, as it combines the fruit acids rich in antioxidants, vitamins, moisturizing and soothing substances, which work harmoniously to transform your skin from dull and pale to fresh and vital. This cream works to smooth, brighten and cleanse the skin deeply, and reduces the signs of aging, pigmentation and blemishes. It also protects the skin from harmful external factors such as sun, pollution and dryness. This cream suits all skin types and can be easily and safely used at home.

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  • Brand Louis Widmer
  • Barcodes 7611480007880
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  • Weight 50
Product Louis Widmer AHA 10% Fruity Acids Regenerating Cream 50 ml
Brand Name Louis Widmer
Item Model Number 4847

A highly effective treatment suitable for all skin types Especially fatty and mixtures. Elle removes dead skin cells and promotes skin renewal

Product Features

Contains glycolic acid, malic acid, citric acid and lactic acid to stimulate cell renewal and deeply moisturize the skin.


It exfoliates the skin and removes dead cells from the skin Stimulate the skin to renew its cells Skin becomes clean, free of impurities and deeply renewed Contains panthenol, which has a soothing effect on the skin Contains vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties and moisturizes the skin from the depth fragrance free

How to use

Use At the beginning of treatment, apply AHA cream once daily to clean skin. After two to three weeks, the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) cream can be used twice a day. After the AHA cream a day or night cream can be applied. However, the AHA cream must first be left for half an hour. During the day, you can use every day 15 or 20 + Louis Widmer as sunscreen

weight 50
شركة عناية ريحانة الطبية

شركة عناية ريحانة الطبية

شركة عناية ريحانة الطبية

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