ACM Sebionex Hydra Cream 40 Ml

If your skin is dry and damaged, use Sebionex cream to moisturize and repair it. It is a moisturizing and soothing cream for dry and weakened skin. It restructures the skin barrier and can be used as a makeup base.

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  • Brand ACM
  • Barcodes 3760095252315
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 40
Product ACM Sebionex Hydra Cream 40 Ml
Brand Name ACM
Item Model Number 6413

To moisturize and soothe the skin ـ To restore the comfort of the skin ـ To fight skin dryness.

Product Features

It contains soothing, restructuring and moisturizing active ingredients ـ It contains a liquid crystal dosage form that improves its touch, in addition to its moisturizing and repairing properties ـ It has a rich creamy texture that absorbs quickly.


Moisturizes, softens, repairs and restores skin comfort ـ Effectively combats skin dryness, restores skin barrier structure and soothes irritation and dullness ـ Compensates for the side effects of some skin treatments ـ Leaves skin soothed and moisturized.

How to use

Use it on your face once or twice a day.

weight 40
شركة عناية ريحانة الطبية

شركة عناية ريحانة الطبية

شركة عناية ريحانة الطبية

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