Lakme Chroma Hair Dye No. 5-50

Introducing Lakme's Collage Hair Dye in shade, the perfect dye to achieve a stylish and captivating hair color. This dye stands out with its advanced formula that provides you with a rich and long-lasting color. Hair Dye in shade is the optimal choice for achieving the desired hair color. It features a unique formula thatcombines natural pigments and nourishing ingredients, ensuring the health of your hair while giving it a vibrant and luminous color.


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Brand Name : Lakeme
STORE : Treatab

  • Brand Lakeme
  • Barcodes 8429421755016
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 60
Product Lakme Chroma Hair Dye No. 5-50
Brand Name Lakeme
Item Model Number 6855

The Collage Hair Dye in shade offers a wide range of uses. It can effectively cover gray or white hair, and it can be applied to add beautiful and diverse color effects to your hair. With its high staying power, it ensures a perfect color that lasts for a long time without fading.



The benefits of Collage Hair Dye in shade are invaluable. It gives you a dazzling and attractive color while maintaining the health and beauty of your hair. Its formula rich in nourishing ingredients enhances the strength of your hair and protects it from damage.



How to use

Easy to use, simply mix the Collage Hair Dye in shade with the developer cream, apply it to your hair, and leave it for a few minutes. You'll notice a noticeable difference in your hair color, as this dye enhances the natural color of your hair and gives it a radiant effect.



weight 60



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