Bigen Hair Dye for Changing Hair Color to Light Brown 885

Transform your hair color in minutes with this product. Its natural and plant-based formula nourishes and hydrates your hair, preventing damage and dryness. Experience the softness, shine and health of your hair with a stunning light brown shade.

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  • Brand Bigen
  • Barcodes 4987205931215
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  • Weight 40
Product Bigen Hair Dye for Changing Hair Color to Light Brown 885
Brand Name Bigen
Item Model Number 6860

To change your hair color to light brown easily and quickly and without damaging your hair.

Product Features

It contains a color developer. The product also has a moisturizing and vitalizing formula that includes plant oils and natural herb extracts.


You can easily and quickly change your hair color in a few minutes without the need to visit a beauty salon or use harsh chemicals. It nourishes and moisturizes your hair and protects it from damage and dryness. It also helps to strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss. The product gives you soft, shiny and healthy hair with a stunning light brown color that lasts up to 8 weeks.

How to use

Open the product box and you will find two different creams inside, the first cream contains coloring agents and the second cream contains a color developer. You will also find gloves and a brush to apply the dye to your hair ـ Mix the two creams together in a plastic or glass bowl until you get a homogeneous mixture. Make sure to wear the gloves to protect your hands from the dye ـ Start applying the dye to your hair with the brush, focusing on the roots and the areas with gray hair. Then extend to the rest of your hair until full coverage ـ Leave the dye on your hair for only 10 minutes, then rinse your hair well with warm water until all the color comes out. Then use the free shampoo that comes with the product to wash your hair and remove any residue from the dye ـ Dry your hair with a towel or a dryer and enjoy a wonderful and healthy light brown hair.

weight 40
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