Style Thermal Smoothing Brush

Nowadays, shiny, fluffy and straight hair is becoming more and more popular among all hairstyles. Straight hair is a type of hairstyle that gives a shiny, smooth and elegant look. To make your work easier, there is a new product, the Style Thermal Hair Smoothing Brush which comes in the shape of a comb which makes it easier to brush your hair and get silky smooth hair.

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  • Brand Style
  • Barcodes 6780201628756
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 200
Product Style Thermal Smoothing Brush
Brand Name Style
Item Model Number 2552
uses This product is a ceramic brush that makes your hair straight while brushing. Enjoy the power of a hair straightener as it combs hair gently and smoothly. This brush provides salon-quality straightening, in just a few minutes, without any damage and effortless.
Product Features A good quality brush because it heats up very quickly if left idle for a moment.
benefits Very lightweight, so it's easy to handle and it's a ceramic straightening brush. One of the best features is that it adapts to the global voltage, so it is easy for you to carry it around the world. It has an indicator light, which helps you know if it is on or not. It has a good grip and does not slip out of the hand. It has an automatic shut-off feature, so that no burns occur and it is very safe.
How to use Wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner to flyaway hair. Dry the hair afterwards. While drying your hair, do it from roots to ends. Then comb your hair properly to detangle it. Then apply hair serum or aloe vera gel to protect your hair from the heat you are using. While fixing your hair to straighten, turn on the appliance and let it heat up. You should comb your hair again and divide it into several parts to straighten it easily. Adjust the temperature properly because it depends on the length of your hair. Start brushing your hair slowly, leaving two inches from the root of your hair to the tip.
weight 200
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