Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules for Women 12 Amp * 6 Ml

The best ampoules for hair loss which is Suitable for any type of hair, it makes: - stop any hair loss in few time - help your hair to grow again for 30 days only without any disadvantages. - Decreases the quantity of hair in the falling phase (Telogen) - Increases the length and resistance of the hair giving it strength, volume and shine. Stop now! And take your ideal ampoules to grow up and strengthen it.

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  • Brand Foltene
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Product Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules for Women 12 Amp * 6 Ml
Item Model Number 3259
Brand Name Foltene

Because of its real effectiveness in restoring vitality and activity to your hair, there are many uses for Folten hair ampoules, including:


1- Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules considered an effective solution to prevent hair loss because it strengthens the roots and improves the general condition of the scalp.

2- It helps to strengthen and intensify the hair follicles, thus making it healthier.

3- It improves the overall appearance of your hair and protects it from dryness and breakage.

4- It fills the gaps in the hair and restores its vitality and shine.

product components

Aquos base, freshly prepared, highly absorped boost collagen & protien synthis


Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules are a popular hair care product that claims to help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth in women. 


  1. Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules are designed to help prevent hair loss in women. Its ingredients nourish the hair follicles, strengthen hair, and reduce breakage.
  2. These ampoules may contain active ingredients that stimulate hair growth and encourage the regeneration of hair follicles. 
  3. Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules often contain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that can improve the overall health of the hair. 
  4. Stop hair loss in 30 days, regrow hair within 6 weeks and delay hair aging.
How to use

To use Foltene Hair Loss Ampoules, you can follow these general steps:


  1. Before applying the ampoules, ensure that your hair and scalp are clean and free from any styling products or oils. 
  2. Use a comb or your fingers to create a part in your hair, exposing the scalp in the area where you want to apply the ampoule. 
  3. Gently snap open the ampoule along the scored line. Be careful while handling the ampoule to avoid any cuts or injuries.
  4. Slowly and carefully pour the contents of the ampoule onto your scalp along the parted areas. Use your fingertips or a gentle massaging motion to spread the product evenly on the scalp. Massage the scalp gently for a few minutes to enhance absorption.
  5. Repeat the process, if necessary.
  6. Once you have applied the ampoule, leave it on without rinsing. The product is typically designed to be left on the scalp for optimal absorption and effectiveness.
weight 6
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