Diva Contact Lenses Truffle

Express your femininity with Diva Lenses, where imagination becomes reality, and the colors of life are reflected in your eyes to attract attention with a natural look adorned with unique and exceptional colors. Increase your confidence and beauty with Diva Lenses, inspired by nature to give you a feeling of confidence and beauty, with maximum comfort as Diva Lenses are soft and comfortable to wear, with a period of use of 6 months.

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  • Brand Diva
  • Barcodes Z.20821.15983761713033118
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 120
Product Diva Contact Lenses Truffle
Brand Name Diva
Item Model Number 4095
uses Diva's range of contact lenses are safe to wear for 30 days, ensuring correct care practices are maintained at all times, including a new solution every night. Prolonged use after this period may cause irritation.
product components ● One of the most beautiful colored cosmetic contact lenses, it is developed with the latest methods that follow all international standards. ● It suits all skin tones with a wide range of colors to match all occasions. ● It is characterized by natural and modern colors, attractive and very beautiful, that protects the eyes and maintains their moisture with high-quality material, and allows high oxygen penetration into the eyes.
benefits ● Gives you a natural look with charming colors. ● Gives your eyes a distinguished look with the most beautiful color variety. ● Various colors to suit different occasions. ● Diva Lenses protect your eyes from dryness, redness, and sensitivity, and keep them permanently moisturized ● Gives the eyes maximum comfort during the period of their use. ● Saving-friendly and effective as you can use it for 6 months after opening.
How to use Diva's wonderful lenses are characterized by a very beautiful natural and modern assortment of colors, and a long period of use; 6 months. Diva lenses protect the eyes and retain the maximum amount of moisture, ensuring the comfort and health of the eyes. The lenses also protect the eyes from harmful UV rays. Product Details: ● Contact lens type: cosmetic ● Packaging: 2 lenses. ● Lens convexity: 8.60 ● Lens diameter: 14.50 ● Lens thickness: 0.27 mm ● Lens water content: 43% ● Shelf life: 6 months after opening ● Including: a box and solution for storing lenses 120 ml
weight 120



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