Bella Elite Crystal N 2 lenses

Bella colored contact lenses have become very popular around the world, due to their elegant distinctive colors, and their delicate iris ring that gives the eyes a very charming and natural look. The new collection comes in an assortment of wonderful colors that distinguish your look on different occasions, whether formal or informal, and it’s also perfect for all your daily looks. Product Details: ● Packaging: 2 lenses. ● Contact lens type: cosmetic ● Lens convexity: 8.60 mm ● Lens diameter: 14.50 ● Lens water content: 43% ● Lens material: 62% polymacon (Anti-UV material) ● Oxygen Permeability: 8.4 mm ● Protection: Blocks 40% of harmful UV rays ● Shelf life: 6 months after opening

145 SAR

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  • Brand Bella
  • Barcodes 13000100
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  • Weight 50
Product Bella Elite Crystal N 2 lenses
Item Model Number 4131
Brand Name Bella
uses Bella contact lenses offer various attractive colors to suit different looks, make you look attractive, and keep up with the latest beauty trends. The Bella collection provides you with an overall very distinctive appearance, as it gives the eyes a charming shimmering look with its 38% water content that also provides maximum eye comfort while wearing it. These cosmetic contact lenses are also characterized by their advanced protection properties with the help of polymacon, which blocks harmful UV rays by 40%.
product components ● Makes you look more beautiful, more attractive and elegant. ● Gives a shimmering look to your eyes. ● Protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.
benefits ● Gives you a more modern and distinctive look with its creative shape and delicate iris ring. ● Gives the eyes maximum comfort during the period of their use. ● Gives you a distinguished, charming look with various colors to suit
How to use 1. Wash your hands with soap and water. 2. Place the lens on your index finger. 3. Gently lift the upper eyelid. 4. Gently pull the lower eyelid down. 5. Look aside and place the lens on the sclera (white area). 6. Look forward until the lens is centered in the corner You must be careful of some wrong practices when it comes to using contact lenses, and we’ve summarized them in the following warnings: 1. Do not use saline solution to clean or disinfect contact lenses. 2. Avoid using contact lenses while sleeping, in dusty environments, in the bathroom or while swimming. 3. Avoid getting soap or cosmetics inside the eyes. 4. Avoid using the lenses for more than the permitted period. 5. Avoid using the lenses after their expiration date. 6. The Lenses should be kept in their contact solution after use. Contents: Premium quality contact lenses (38% water, 62% polymacon) immersed in saline.
weight 50



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