Anesthesia Addict Blue 2 lenses

Are you looking for comfortable lenses for your eyes that you do not feel their presence? Do you want a drastic and dramatic change in eye color? At your fingertips is the globally loved and internationally renowned brand of colored contact lenses due to special technology and extreme convenience. Anesthesia lenses have amazing and innovative colors that suit all skin tones, with natural design and striking shades to reign supreme in beauty and elegance. The natural and elegant colors of Anesthesia lenses are manufactured with special technology to be very comfortable lenses, suitable for the Middle East region. Anesthesia colored contact lenses are suitable for 6 months use.

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Brand Name : Anestesia
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  • Brand Anestesia
  • Barcodes 130001013,130001013
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Product Anesthesia Addict Blue 2 lenses
Brand Name Anestesia
Item Model Number 4144

Anesthesia are color contact lenses that give you a completely natural and amazingly attractive look, and are equipped with advanced technology that ensures that there are no harms or fears of using them. Anesthesia lenses are designed with sizes that fit the eyes and blend seamlessly with them, and you can wear the lenses for the longest period with absolute safety from eye fatigue or dryness as a result of its technology that allows oxygen to enter the eyes in addition to allowing the flow of tears in the eyes naturally, which increases your comfort and the splendor of your look for long hours. Product Details: ● Contact lens type: cosmetic colored contact lenses ● Packaging: 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging. ● Lens convexity: 8.60 mm ● Lens diameter: 14.20 ● Lens water content: 38% ● Lens material: 62% polymacon ● Oxygen Permeability: 8.4 mm ● Protection: Pigment Sandwich technology and Hema gel technology ● Shelf life: 6 months after opening ● Does not include a l

Product Features

● Manufacturing technology: All Anesthesia lenses are manufactured with a technology called "Pigment Sandwich technology" or "Sandwich Technology" based on compressing the color layer between two layers of transparent neutral lenses to protect against direct contact of the lenses with your eyes and preserve them from any irritation. ● The Hema Gel Technology In order to protect your eyes from drying out, and to feel more comfortable even in dry or hot weather, Anesthesia lenses are enriched with an abundance of Hema Gel, an active ingredient in preventing dry eyes. ● The lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration - Where the color layer is pressed in the middle of two layers of protection from transparent neutral lenses to prevent any direct contact with your eyes in order to preserve their safety from allergic reactions. The lenses are approved by the Food and Drug Administration


● Gives you a natural look with charming colors. ● The natural design of the lenses makes your look more natural and attractive. ● The Pigment Sandwich technology gives you a sense of comfort as if you are not wearing any lenses in your eyes. ● The Hema gel technology increases your comfort and protects your eyes from drying out. ● You can use it for 6 months safely and smoothly. ● The different shades of lenses are suitable for all skin tones.

How to use

Usage Instructions: 1. Wash your hands with soap and water. 2. Place the lens on your index finger. 3. Gently lift the upper eyelid. 4. Gently pull the lower eyelid down. 5. Look aside and place the lens on the sclera (white area). 6. Look forward until the lens is centered in the corner You must be careful of some wrong practices when it comes to using contact lenses, and we’ve summarized them in the following warnings: 1. Do not use saline solution to clean or disinfect contact lenses. 2. Avoid using contact lenses while sleeping, in dusty environments, in the bathroom or while swimming. 3. Avoid getting soap or cosmetics inside the eyes. 4. Avoid using the lenses for more than the permitted period. 5. Avoid using the lenses after their expiration date. 6. The Lenses should be kept in their contact solution after use. Contents: Premium quality contact lenses (38% water, 62% polymacon) immersed in saline.

weight 100



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