Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash

A natural lotion for daily use, suitable for the physiological acidity of the sensitive area. It combats the appearance of unpleasant odors and cleanses the skin, while brightening it, leaving it soft and moisturized.

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  • Brand Besline
  • Barcodes 5281018003244
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  • Weight 200

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Product Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash
Item Model Number 2947
Brand Name Besline

Uses of Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash:


  1. Beesline sensitive area lotion is used to moisturize and feel fresh.
  2. It is used to unify skin tone and get rid of dark spots.
  3. It is used as a daily wash to clean the sensitive area without causing irritation or redness and ridding it of unpleasant odors and bacteria.
  4. It is used to soothe sensitive skin from friction and redness.
product components

water. Decyl glycoside. Cocamidopropyl Betaine. Aster-7 Olive Oil Carboxylate Soap. Vegetable glycerine. lactic acid salt. Vitamin C". Olive leaf extract. Rosemary extract. Ester-40 hydrogenated castor oil. Parsley leaf extract. Lemon peel extract. Vitamin B3. Oat extract. Thyme extract. lactic acid. Bee gum. Sodium Benzoate. Potassium sorbate. EDTI.


Benefits of Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash:


  1. Beesline Sensitive Area Wash is a daily wash to clean the sensitive area and keep it smelling fresh.
  2. Beesline Sensitive Area Wash works to balance the pH level in this area and protect it from bacteria and unpleasant odors that form due to sweat and movement.
  3. Beesline sensitive area lotion also works to lighten this area and unify its color.
  4. It is light on the skin and makes you feel fresh and clean all day long.
  5. It provides the necessary hydration for the intimate area and is suitable for sensitive skin because it contains skin-soothing substances.
How to use

How to use Beesline Whitening Intimate Wash:


Using Beesline lotion for the sensitive area is very easy, as the intimate area is washed with water, then the lotion is used to clean, then the area is washed again with water.

weight 200
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