Beesline Whitening Facial Toner

A brightening toner that evens skin tone, smoothes it and gives it radiance. It removes dark spots, revitalizes the skin and maintains its moisture for 24 hours.

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  • Brand Besline
  • Barcodes 5281018881675
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  • Weight 200
Product Beesline Whitening Facial Toner
Brand Name Besline
Item Model Number 2903

Beesline is a natural beauty laboratory based on the principle of apitherapy (bee treatment) and its rich resources: such as honey, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, as well as fresh plant extracts, to take care of your skin in a safe and effective way.

product components

water. Methyl Gluceth 20. Ethyl alcohol. Decyl glucoside. Caprylic/capric triglyceride (Lumiskine). Ginger extract. Royal food. Vitamin B3. Willow bark extract. Ester-40 hydrogenated castor oil. Rose extract. Sodium citrate. Vitamin C. Potassium sorbate. Sodium Benzoate. Lemon blossom oil. Diacetyl Boldene (Lumiskine). EDTI.


Smooth and revitalized skin Bright and even skin tone

How to use

Follow these steps to get the best results: 1. Use twice daily (morning and evening). 2. Use on dry skin after cleansing with Beesline Whitening Wrinkle Correcting Foam, Skin Lightening Soap, Clay Lightening Soap or 4 in 1 Skin Lightening Lotion. 3. Put on a cotton pad and wipe the face. 4. Use Beesline Whitening Serum, Skin Lightening Elixir, Day or Night Cream for a faster drink.

weight 200
Treatab Store - JED

Treatab Store - JED

Treatab Store - JED

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