Mavala Stop Nails 10ml

Nail biting is a very bad habit, and it can worsen the appearance of your nails. It is a transparent substance with a bitter taste that allows to keep the nails and their surroundings in good condition, by helping to reduce the habit of biting the nails and avoiding putting fingers in your mouth or sucking the thumb

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  • Brand Mavala
  • Barcodes 7618900903098
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  • Weight 10
Product Mavala Stop Nails 10ml
Item Model Number 3631
Brand Name Mavala
uses MAVA-STRONG strengthening base allows splitting, smoothing, and thus breaking nails to restore their natural, strong appearance. It combines two works that work together in: immunization and protection.
product components (tea tree essential oil, vitamin E, hydrolyzed vegetable protein and arginine)
benefits It strengthens nails and crystal resin makes the nail plate more resistant and thicker.
How to use Apply a coat to the entire nail surface (or over the polish) and allow it to dry. Avoid washing hands immediately after applying the product. Reapply every two days until the habit stops. Before each reapplication, remove Mavala Stop using nail polish remover.
weight 10
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