Mavala Nail Shield 2X10ml

The nail plate consists of three layers. It is normal for the visible outer layer to be particularly sensitive to external factors and can be easily damaged by the sun, cold weather and detergents.

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  • Brand Mavala
  • Barcodes 7618900908093
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 10
Product Mavala Nail Shield 2X10ml
Brand Name Mavala
Item Model Number 3645
uses It strengthens and supports soft nails and protects weak nails. The nail is a flexible layer of corneal tissue that is formed from the sclerosis of the epidermal cells.
product components Its special formula has been developed to give nails resistance and NAIL SHIELD is a powerful self-protection to protect nails from daily chores and other harmful factors.
benefits Nails can regenerate and strengthen themselves properly.
How to use Used twice, two days
weight 10
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