Flexitol Lip Balm Tub 10g

Flexitol Lip Balm is a concentrated formula that contains a complex blend of ingredients specifically designed to moisturize and soften extremely dry lips, keeping them soft and healthy looking. Suitable for use in hot and cold climates.

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  • Brand Flexitol
  • Barcodes 9329224002159
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  • Weight 10
Product Flexitol Lip Balm Tub 10g
Item Model Number 3692
Brand Name Flexitol
uses Flexitol lip balm is suitable for both hot and cold climates. Ultra hydrating lips. Relieves pain and discomfort Visible results within one day
product components The concentrated formula of Flextol Lip Balm contains a unique blend of ingredients. This product is designed to moisturize and soften dry, chapped and extra dry lips, leaving them soft and healthy looking.
benefits Promotes rapid healing of the skin. 'According to many dermatologists, human skin heals faster when it is wet' Sun protection. A moistened mouth often makes an individual look younger. ... It is soothing and protective for the lips. The lip flakes make them prone to dryness.
How to use Place the tip of the lip balm on your lower lip and apply a thin, even layer of the balm, then repeat on the upper lip. If you like, you can transfer the lip balm to your finger first, then spread it across your lips. Rub your lips together to help the lip gloss spread evenly
weight 10
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