Rinfoltil Remineralizing lotion for Women 100ml

Rinfoltil Women's Hair Loss Solution 100ml is a rich lotion that helps treat hair loss in women in addition to being a stimulant for hair re-growth and filling in the blanks. Rinfoltil hair loss treatment solution is used in all cases where the hair is weak, dry and inelastic especially during seasonal changes.

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  • Brand Rinfoltil
  • Barcodes 8032578476217
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  • Weight 100
Product Rinfoltil Remineralizing lotion for Women 100ml
Brand Name Rinfoltil
Item Model Number 4213
uses After completing the course of treatment with Rinfoltil ampoules to maintain the results. Prevents hair loss caused by stress, stress and poor nutrition. Preventive treatment to maintain hair from hair loss problems. It is recommended after stopping treatment with Minoxidil and its derivatives to maintain the results of the treatment and prevent hair loss again.
product components Activates the physiology of hair growth, - activates hair re-growth and enhances its thickness - Strengthens hair and stops its fall. Suitable for all hair types.
benefits It acts as an activator for hair re-growth and enhances its thickness. Strengthens hair and stops its fall. Suitable for all hair types. It has no effect on completely atrophied hair follicles. A natural solution to restore weak hair growth. Helps give new strength to damaged hair. Enhances the physiology of hair growth.
How to use Apply daily about 2 ml to the scalp and massage gently. Every day for at least 4 months.
weight 100



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