Ivatherm Ivahydra body lotion 200 ml

Body Moisturizers Ivatherm Ivahydra has become the dominant moisturizer in body care, ideal for normal to dry skin and with a wonderful citrus scent. It ensures a smooth, silky feel to the skin of the body. It spreads quickly on the skin and absorbs quickly without leaving the skin greasy or oily.

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  • Brand Ivatherm
  • Barcodes 5943076000367
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  • Weight 200
Product Ivatherm Ivahydra body lotion 200 ml
Brand Name Ivatherm
Item Model Number 4243
uses Moisturizing body cream for adults and children
product components Allantoin has a restorative, regenerating and soothing effect. The natural extract of Fabisabolol from the Vanilomopsis Erythropapa tree, from the Amazon rainforest has a strong soothing and anti-irritant effect. Jojoba Oil is a natural ingredient extracted from Buxus Chinensis that intensely moisturizes, protects and ensures the elasticity of the skin. Glycerin is a well-known active humectant (humectant), which limits transepidermal water loss
benefits Aquaphyline® is a natural ingredient extracted from wild pansies (Viola Tricolor) flowers. It is a masking stimulator with a powerful moisturizing effect via two mechanisms: the synthesis of aquaporins (increased number of water channels in the cell membrane) and a significant increase in the amount of hyaluronic acid - the well-known “molecular sponge” of the skin, clinically proven effects. The skin is hydrated from the inside out by attracting water from the dermis to the epidermis which improves the continuous flow of water into the skin. Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii) helps moisturize and nourish the skin by providing vitamins and essential fatty acids that increase the suppleness of the layers of skin cells. Due to its phytosterol content, it has a sedative and decongestant role. Reduces irritation and discomfort. It has an important contribution to the quality and flexibility it brings to a cosmetic product.
How to use To be applied: once or twice a day on clean skin. It is well tolerated by the sensitive skin of babies and children. It has no fragrance.
weight 200



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