Lierac Sébologie Blemish Correction Stop Spots Concentrate 15ml

It removes pimples by drying, speeds up the re-absorption of blemishes and prevents post-inflammatory scars - results confirmed under the supervision of dermatologists. This bi-phase concentrate soothes and nourishes skin immediately after the first application. It reduces sebum production, visibly reducing the appearance of pore size and the number of blackheads, thus improving the overall appearance of the skin. The skin is clean and smooth and the pores are not clogged and tightened. With the new generation of ingredients selected by Lierac laboratories, infused with particles of glycine to ensure the skin feels comfortable and adequately hydrated.

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  • Brand Lierac
  • Barcodes 3508240006860
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Product Lierac Sébologie Blemish Correction Stop Spots Concentrate 15ml
Brand Name Lierac
Item Model Number 4262

A topical treatment that addresses residual acne and marks caused by a combination of bacterial proliferation and intermittent cell renewal. Inspired by the cleaning technology of resurfacing

product components

Zinc gluconate acts on shiny skin and dilated pores with its lipid-regulating and astringent properties; salicylic acid, known for its keratinizing effect, regulates cell renewal and fades residual spots and marks; The grafted azelaic acid acts directly on acne spots and prevents the spread of Propionibacterium acnes; Calamine powder provides antiseptic benefits.


It acts directly on acne spots and residual marks, dries out the pots and re-absorbs them, prevents scarring, and regulates the reproduction of microorganisms on the surface of the skin; Formulated Without: Oils, Parabens, Artificial Colors.

How to use

Apply Lierac Sébologie Blemish Correction Stop Spots Concentrate in the evening. Dip a cotton swab into the bottle all the way to the bottom, so that it is covered with powder. Then apply it directly to the blemishes. Don't rinse it off. Let the product dry naturally. In the morning, remove the residue with a cotton swab

weight 15



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