Oxygen Lenses Aspen Yellow Grey

Let your eyes breathe with one of the most beautiful colors of Oxygen Cosmetic Colored Contact Lenses Oxygen Lenses are one of the best contact lenses in quality, price and attractive natural colors. Oxygen Contact Lenses are manufactured using a revolutionary and unique printing technology. These lenses have also obtained several European quality certificates: 1- CE Certificate 2- GMP certificate 3- certificate of registration in Germany 4- TUV certificate, it has received a TUV certificate to protect the eyes from UV rays. In addition to being licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Administration. Created by Saudi businesswoman Warda Sweimel, out of her love and passion for natural beauty and elegant style, she sacrificed her career in the medical field to fulfil her passion for the art of make-up. Warda Sweimel launched her first brand, Oxygen Story Behind, which won great admiration and remarkable success. Then she launched Oxygen Lenses thanks to her extensive

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  • Brand Oxygen Lenses
  • Barcodes 8801852700700
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 50

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Product Oxygen Lenses Aspen Yellow Grey
Brand Name Oxygen Lenses
Item Model Number 4273

Uses of Oxygen Lenses Aspen Yellow Grey:

  • An innovative and refined natural color for an elegant and unique look.
  • Oxygen contact lenses block ultraviolet rays.
  • Holds the largest international awards and European certificates, and licensed by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
  • Clinically tested and approved, and recommended by ophthalmologists.
  • Created with unprecedented color printing technology.
  • The unique technology used in its manufacture allows the free flow of oxygen.
  • The non-ionic material of Tetrafilcon-A ensures that the proteins do not easily attach to the lens.
  • High-resolution spherical lenses with three back-curved surfaces.
  • Allows high flow of oxygen into the eye.
  • Safe to use for up to six months.
product components

Contact lens type: cosmetic. Contents: ● 2 lenses in factory sealed packaging ● Lens convexity: 8.8 ● Lens thickness: 0.27 mm ● Lens diameter: 14.5 ● Lens water content: 43% ● Polymicone content: 57% ● Shelf life: 6 months after opening


Benefits of Oxygen Lenses Aspen Yellow Grey:

  • Gives your eyes the beauty and lustre that’s guaranteed to attract attention.
  • Helps protect against the transmission of harmful substances to the eye because it combats the entry of ultraviolet rays into the cornea to protect it from the risks of eye diseases caused by both types of ultraviolet A and B rays, such as photokeratitis, sunburn or cataracts.
  • Protects the eye and maintains its moisture by allowing high oxygen penetration inside the eye
  • Provides unparalleled clarity of vision
  • Applied directly to the eye to enhance the natural color of the iris
  • Carefully crafted to enhance the subtle beauty of the eyes with detailed design and colors.
  • Gives your eyes complete comfort and high hydration, and keeps them moist and comfortable throughout the day because the percentage of water in them is 43%.
  • Ideal for use in hot, humid and cold climates.
  • Very stable inside the eye.
  • Clinically safe on the eyes, and do not cause redness or allergic reaction.
How to use

How to use Oxygen Lenses Aspen Yellow Grey:

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water. 
  2. Put the lens on your index finger.
  3. Gently lift the upper eyelid.
  4. Gently pull the lower eyelid down. 
  5. Look to the side and place the lens on the sclera (white area). 
  6. Look forward so that the lens is centered at the corner.


Usage Instructions:

  1. Do not use saline to clean or disinfect contact lenses. 
  2. Avoid using contact lenses while sleeping, in dusty environments, in the bathroom and while swimming. 
  3. Avoid getting soap or cosmetics inside the eyes.
  4. Avoid using lenses more than the permitted period. 
  5. Avoid using lenses after the expiration date.
  6. How to take out the lens Look up, and with your finger hold the eyelid and use the index finger to drag the lens to the lower part of the eye; hold the lens with your thumb and remove it without folding it.
weight 50
Oxygen Contact Lens

Oxygen Contact Lens

Oxygen Contact Lens

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