Wardah Sowimel Majesty Eye Lash

The false eyelashes provided by Warda Sowiel are the perfect way to improve the length, volume and thickness of your natural eyelashes. Formulated using the highest quality, without the use of any animal sources, colorants or chemical additives, its light weight and softness to the touch make it suitable for the look of your choice. Choose from our six collection what suits you to enhance your look.

80.5 SAR

Included Vat

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  • Brand Wardah Sowimel
  • Barcodes 6297000834412
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 10
Product Wardah Sowimel Majesty Eye Lash
Brand Name Wardah Sowimel
Item Model Number 4307
product components

Free from harmful chemicals or colourings, they are cruelty-free and contain ingredients from a plant source.

How to use

• First apply mascara to your natural eyelashes and allow it to dry. • Gently remove the eyelashes from the package of Warda Swimmel eyelashes. • Apply glue to eyelashes and wait 10-30 seconds for the glue to become sticky. • Using tweezers, carefully hold the eyelashes in the middle of your eye. • Then fix the eyelashes on the inner upper eyelid of the eye. • Finally, place the lashes on the outside of the upper eyelid and gently press the lash line to lock it in place.

weight 10
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Oxygen Contact Lens

Oxygen Contact Lens

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