Phyto Coloration Permanente 5,3 Châtain Clair Doré

Phytocolor experts create the first color and plant-based dyes without ammonia, combining color performance with the beauty of hair while keeping the scalp in mind. The new colors from Phytocolor are ammonia-free, PPD-free (paraphenylenediamine) and resorcinol-free. Their unique power: high concentrations of plant pigments (up to 74% depending on shade) for intense, natural-looking color for unparalleled brilliance. These dyes can slightly increase the intensity of the acquired color.

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  • Brand Phyto
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  • Weight 50
Product Phyto Coloration Permanente 5,3 Châtain Clair Doré
Brand Name Phyto
Item Model Number 4371

A recipe designed to reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. The coloring cream does not contain PPD (para-phenylenediamine) or resorcinol, which are replaced by more tolerant derivatives. The risk of allergy is clearly reduced, but the risk is not zero: people with a tendency to allergies are advised to take an allergy test skin 48 hours before use

product components

• Milk developer contains hydrogen peroxide. The coloring cream contains phenylenediamine.


Phytocolor takes into account the hair and scalp and reduces the risk of allergic reactions This soft and easy-to-use cream formula allows for precise and even distribution from hair roots to ends Phytocolor dye composition: 50ml conditioner, 50ml dye cream, 12ml Phytocolor mask, detailed instructions and a pair of gloves.

How to use

• Our advice: We recommend taking a color number higher than your usual color. Example If you use 3.77, take 4.77 dark chestnut brown from Phyto dye. • For best results, hair should be dyed with Phyto permanent dye on healthy hair. We recommend waiting 2 weeks before coloring if you have a wavy haircut or are using a hair conditioning treatment.

weight 50



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