Avalon Alpha Plus Brightening 4 In 1 Scrub 100 Ml

Arab women are keen to pay attention to their beauty, so they are very interested in lightening the dark areas, and to overcome this troublesome problem, doctors advise Using the Alpha Plus scrub to lighten the skin, which has been proven effective in achieving the best results. .from Avalon Pharma Alpha Plus scrub is characterized by a French formula rich in natural ingredients that are safe for the skin, so many women have used it to get rid of acne Skin pigmentation, in this article let us introduce you to this effective topical cream.

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  • Brand Avalon
  • Barcodes 4260132327390
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  • Weight 100
Product Avalon Alpha Plus Brightening 4 In 1 Scrub 100 Ml
Brand Name Avalon
Item Model Number 4577

Wash your skin and then dry it gently while retaining some moisture on it. Apply the scrub to damp skin and massage gently in circular motions. To clean and exfoliate as a peeler Wash your skin and then dry it gently. Apply a generous amount of masked scrub to dry skin and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water, massaging in gentle circular motions

product components

Prevents signs of aging and removes wrinkles. - Reduces the appearance of spots and pigmentation. Can be used on the face, body and sensitive areas.


It has an effective effect in lightening brown and brown spots resulting from infection with some skin diseases or the use of an inappropriate product. - Lightens pigmentation, acne scars and scratches. It works to lighten sensitive areas safely and quickly without leaving any side effects.

How to use

As a daily cleanser: gently wash and dry the area while maintaining some moisture. Apply to slightly damp skin and gently massage in circular motions to clean. As a scrub: wash the area and dry it gently. Apply a generous amount of the scrub as a mask to dry skin for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water in gentle circular motions.

weight 100



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