Avalon Avomeb Ointment 70 gm

Avomeb represents a revolution in skin renewal. Avomeb Herbal Cream brings the benefits of herbal ingredients. Avomeb has been shown to improve the appearance and formation of scars. It is used in cases of: after chemical peeling and crystal skin peeling, and after laser skin peeling.

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  • Brand Avalon
  • Barcodes 06285095000232
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  • Weight 70
Product Avalon Avomeb Ointment 70 gm
Brand Name Avalon
Item Model Number 4595
uses This product is used for the following indications: First-degree condition are involving only the top layer of skin, are mild in origin and usually heal quickly Second degree are superficial and deep that may not require skin grafting (removal of skin from one area to the affected area) if improved properly with this way. Third-degree affecting the deeper layers of the skin, sometimes to tendons, bones and muscles), to reduce the area of ​​skin
product components To reduce pain in the area (the area of ​​skin from which a ring of your skin is taken for grafting and use in the affected skin area) and to control the risk at this site, which promotes skin recovery.
benefits Benefits of Avalon ointment Looks at the area from the outside, such as effects from the sun A second-grade outgoing was fortified or profound Acts as a topical analgesic Improving ulcers, especially for the elderly liquefying dead cells Absorption of heat It reduces the loss of either the body from dead skin Works to speed healing of the skin
How to use A thin layer (about 1 mm thick) should be applied to the area. Keep the area uncovered, and a light pad may be used if necessary. Avomeb should be reapplied 3 to 4 times daily if the affected area is exposed, and twice daily if it is.
weight 70



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