Garnier SkinActive Vitamin C Shot Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask for Energizing & Brightenin, 33g

Equivalent to a week of moisturizing serum* Discover the first mask mixed with a refreshing mixture from Garnier A hydrating dose of vitamin C (1) that keeps it fresh until the mask is activated and a separate dry mask made of algae. Mix them up when you need them! The refreshing and effective mask is instantly activated as it absorbs the formula that delivers the most intense care on contact with the skin (2) Formulated with a plant-based active ingredient that is three times more moisturizing (3). When you mix the two layers of the mask, it becomes gelatinous in texture when applied to the face perfectly, giving it maximum freshness.

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Brand Name : Garnier
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  • Brand Garnier
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Product Garnier SkinActive Vitamin C Shot Fresh-Mix Tissue Mask for Energizing & Brightenin, 33g
Brand Name Garnier
Item Model Number 4655

After just 15 minutes: skin is more refreshed, hydrated and looks more radiant and radiant. After 1 week (5): Skin appears luminous and radiant. Skin appears healthy and fresh. * The quantity of a bottle is 30 ml. (1) A vitamin C derivative. (2) Compared to Garnier Hydra Bomb Tissue Masks (3) Due to the concentration of glycerol. Self-assessment: 50 women (4) after one use, (5) after using it 3 times a week.

Product Features

Garnier Fresh Mix Vitamin C Face Mask - Concentrate Sheet Mask Ultra-Moisturizing Serum For Dull, Dry Skin, Mix By You The #1 brand of sheet masks to intensely hydrate skin, reduce the look of fine lines and tired, dull skin, and restore skin's vitality and radiance. Each mask is enriched with powerful natural extracts, Vitamin C, Natural Fruit Acid AH and Hyaluronic Acid


Rich in Vitamin C to brighten and tone the skin

How to use

1. Fold the envelope. 2. Squeeze the liquid until the envelope opens. 3. Push the entire liquid into the mask, making sure the mask absorbs all the liquid. 4. Open the envelope and place the mask on your face. Remove the mask from your face after 15 minutes, and gently massage the excess onto your skin, or use a cotton swab to remove it.

weight 33



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