Some By Mi Super miracle spot treatment cream

Some By Mi Miracle Spot Eradication Cream 30ml, Transparent Gel with a light touch of 75% Trosica, Some By Mi Botanical Ingredient, Soothes the Skin and Supports its Natural Defense Barrier, Intended for Urgent Care of Spots and Pimples, Contains Natural Exfoliating Acids, Contains High concentration of D-Panthenol (10,000,00ppm), which helps in moisturizing the skin and maintaining the natural water and oil balance in the skin, a dual efficacy in lightening pigmentation and treating skin wrinkles

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  • Brand Some By Mi
  • Barcodes 8809647390282
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  • Weight 30
Product Some By Mi Super miracle spot treatment cream
Brand Name Some By Mi
Item Model Number 4787

It removes impurities and exfoliates the skin in a gentle and light manner due to the acids present in its components, such as polyhydroxy acids, beta and alpha acids. It can be used to get rid of skin impurities and makeup residues, so it helps in a smooth and clean appearance of the skin.

product components

For skin care and pore cleaning. Dual action for skin whitening and wrinkle treatment. Intended for treating spots, redness and acne scars. Ingredients safe for sensitive skin and suitable for all skin types


It improves and calms the complexion, as it reduces the effects of dark spots on the skin. It works to lighten dark places by exfoliating them several times. It moisturizes the skin well as it contains an equal amount of water and oil, in addition to Panthenol.

How to use

Apply a thin layer of the cream directly to the spot you want to treat using a cotton bud or your hand, then massage the cream until completely absorbed. It can be used twice during the day, once at night and in the early morning.

weight 30



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