Some By Mi V10 Pure Vitamin C Soap

Some by Mi Whitening Soap with a double action to clean and lighten the skin, rich in pure vitamin C and 10 kinds of various vitamins that nourish the skin., deeply cleanses the skin and works to lighten it and improve its appearance, leaves the skin moisturized and helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles because it contains natural antioxidants

75.9 SAR

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  • Brand Some By Mi
  • Barcodes 8809408260878
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  • Weight 106
Product Some By Mi V10 Pure Vitamin C Soap
Brand Name Some By Mi
Item Model Number 4809

It deeply cleanses the pores of the skin, then nourishes the layers of the skin with multi-vitamins and moisturizes the surface of the skin, leaving it more refreshed.

product components

Compounds to get rid of oily skin and prevent dryness. Provides superior hydration after deep cleansing of the skin. Filled with natural antioxidants that help improve the appearance of skin wrinkles. Brightens, smoothes, and improves skin appearance. Suitable for sensitive and stressed skin.


It contains skin soothing materials such as chamomile flower extract and vegetable oils that give you a feeling of freshness and hydration.

How to use

At first, the face is gently washed with lukewarm water, then wet the soap and massaged it by hand to get a foam with an aromatic and beautiful smell, then massage your entire face with that foam for a short period, then rinse with warm water and dry it with a cotton towel.

weight 106



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