Sesderma Sys Cavell Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 200 ml

Sis Cavell Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo contains a group of natural materials, extracts and vitamins that work to strengthen the hair from the roots and prevent hair loss. Siskafil shampoo for hair loss treatment also contains keratin and ceramides, which work to strengthen the hair, soften it and prevent split ends. Sys Cavell Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo helps treat all types of hair loss and is also used to help treat alopecia cases.

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  • Brand Sesderma
  • Barcodes 8470001537323
  • Dimensions x x
  • Weight 200
Product Sesderma Sys Cavell Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo 200 ml
Brand Name Sesderma
Item Model Number 4903
uses Sesderma Seskavel Medicated Shampoo to Stop Hair Loss is an anti hair loss shampoo that does a full job against all the factors responsible for hair loss with ingredients that stimulate hair growth and help prevent and stop hair loss by providing strength, thickness and volume to hair.
benefits Suitable shampoo to stop hair loss after childbirth A suitable shampoo to stop hair loss associated with alopecia areata Moisturizing and repairing assets such as keratin Contains growth stimulants such as caffeine, zinc and menthol Suitable for all hair types
How to use Sys Derma Hair Loss Treatment Shampoo Sess Cavell is used 3 times a week by placing it on wet hair, massaging it well on the hair and scalp, leaving for five minutes, then rinsing with water.
weight 200



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